Book Marketing 3.0
Media Success Examples

Below are examples of results generated by the techniques included in the Book Marketing 3.0 plan and the step-by-step student Intern on Demand training program:

Newspapers Newspapers
  • Features Reporter, "Wall Street Journal"
  • Features Editor, "Tallahassee Democrat"
  • Book Reviewer, "KeysNews"
  • Features Editors**
    • Auburndale Sun
    • Fort Pierce Tribune
    • Hernando Today
    • Jupiter Courier
    • Port St. Lucie News
    • Press Journal in Vero Beach
    • Stuart News
    • Tampa Tribune
**Mr. Santoro's article, How a Father Became one of his Teenage Daughter's Best Friends, was a feature article in both Sunday editions and Websites for the above newspapers.

MikeRadio Talk Shows

  • Producer, "The Parents Journal with Bobbi Conner" (Radio )
  • Producer, ArtistFirst World Radio Network
  • Producer, WGAU AM Athens with Elizabeth Dalton

CameramanTelevision Talk Shows
  • Producer, "The Daily Show"
  • Producer, "Book TV on C-SPAN2"
  • Producer, "The Greg Behrendt Show"
  • Producer, "Telemundo International"
  • Producer, "The Book Authority"