Book Marketing 3.0
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Book Marketing 3.0 Intern On Demand Program

How easy is it to hire a student intern?
It is actually quite easy when you understand how to approach the college and properly post your Book Marketing Assistant job description. The Book Marketing 3.0 Intern On Demand Program provides all the information that you need to successfully hire a student intern.

How do I know if there will be interest in my book marketing project?

Honestly, when we beta tested the program, we were flattered at how many students were interested in working for a published author. One even bought and read the book to ensure that she could do an effective job. The enthusiasm was contagious. As an author, you offer a special opportunity that is very different from being a "go for" in a company. Authors are still held in high regard and what we have accomplished by publishing a book is special. Student interns want to share in our journey and capture that experience on their resume.

How much work is really involved?
In comparison to doing your book marketing yourself, your workload will be greatly reduced. Once you prepare your book material, your role will be managing your intern and ensuring that she follows the Book Marketing 3.0 marketing plan. Our program includes sample files to help your intern provide you with feedback about her accomplishments.

Will I have to spend time training my intern?
The Intern On Demand program provides a complete training program and your role will be to show encouragement while ensuring that she understands your expectations.

What is your refund policy?
We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for the Book Marketing 3.0 Intern On Demand Program. If you purchase our bundle and decide that you want a refund for this product, then we will refund the cost of the product. All we ask is that you trash the files when the refund is honored.

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Book Marketing 3.0 Video Marketing Rep

Do I have to install the Video Marketing Rep on my Website?
Yes. However, we will install and test your Video Marketing Rep for free. On the other hand, if you choose to install the video yourself, we will provide you with the files and installation information.

I use a free Web hosting service. Can I use the Video Marketing Rep?
This is not recommended as many free sites do not provide access to their host. Also, many do not provide enough bandwidth to properly run video. Check with the hosting provider to review their policy. If you are a serious author, we highly recommend that you have a paid hosting account and unique domain name.

Can I store the video on Youtube or other video hosting directory?
While the video is licensed to your domain and must reside on your Website, the video can be created in a format for Youtube distribution for a nominal fee. 

Do I have to pay royalties to the talent?
No. Your one time payment covers the talent and production fees. There are no further charges and you can use the video on your site for as long as you wish.

What is your refund policy?
You can receive a refund up until the day of the video shoot or 30 days. We would prefer 24 hours advance notice out of courtesy to the talent who can book another engagement with proper notice. You will be provided with a shoot date when it is scheduled.

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Book Marketing 3.0 Traffic Generation Service

How does this service work? utilizes technology that automates the distribution process to directories, search engines and social bookmarking site.

What about duplicate content penalties for posting the same linking information? uses your current Website information, as well as revising it several times while preserving the integrity of your existing keyword phrases. Our system processes this information into several unique combinations which provides your Website with hundreds of one-way back links.

Can my site be accused of spamming by the search engines?
No. The Book Marketing 3.0 Traffic Generation service slowly and randomly acquires the links over time to conform with search engines guidelines.

Will I be billed monthly for this Traffic Generation service?
No. You only pay a one-time fee and we continue to post the links back to your site until the project is completed. Since many directories require manual verification prior to granting posting approval, it can take up to four months to complete the process.

Do I have to set up accounts for each site before I can use your service?
No. We do all the work for you so you can concentrate on your other book marketing activities. Just provide us with your domain name and we will review your Website information and begin the project.

How do I know that your service is providing the links to my Website?
You receive a weekly progress report until the project is completed.

What is your refund policy?

We will honor a refund up until the project is configured and launched or 30 days.

Once I purchase, how long does it take to begin the Traffic Generation service?
If you invest in the Book Marketing 3.0 bundle, the Traffic Generation service will not begin until your Video Marketing Rep is filmed and installed on your Website. This ensures that you have a strong call to action prior to generating traffic.

If you purchase the service separately, it will be launched for your Website within 48 hours.

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Book Marketing 3.0 Toolbar

Is the toolbar really free?
Yes, it is really free and you do not even have to subscribe. Additionally, you will receive on-going updates as we upgrade this valuable tool.

Is it easy to install?
Yes. A link to the download page is on the Toolbar page. Just click on the download button and the toolbar will automatically install in your browser.

How can the Book Marketing 3.0 toolbar help me?
Online book marketing is becoming increasingly important for authors to brand themselves as an expert which helps to increase book sales. Keeping up with the important sites can be a chore if you are not organized. The toolbar is designed to provide you with quick access to the sites and information that you need for your book marketing campaign. We also add and remove sites that are important to book marketing and branding activities.

What Web browsers are currently supported?
The toolbar works on both Windows and the Macintosh computers with the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers.