Book Marketing 3.0
Intern On Demand program


BundleThe Book Marketing 3.0 Intern On Demand program is designed to help you hire and train a student intern from a college or university to become your book marketing assistant. This win-win approach provides you with a free or low cost resource to help you market your book while offering your student intern a meaningful working experience that earns college credit.

This "how to" program consists of four easy-to-follow components:
  1. Student Intern Hiring Guide
  2. Structured Book Marketing and PR Plan
  3. Comprehensive Resource Guide
  4. Comprehensive Student Intern Training Program

By investing in the Book Marketing 3.0 Intern On Demand Program, you will cut through the red tape and help the college department head quickly approve your project for credit.

You will discover how to successfully post your position, interview and hire the best student intern available as your book marketing assistant. Your management tools include a comprehensive marketing plan and structured training program that will allow your intern to be productive beginning on day one.

Student Intern Hiring Guide
This step-by-step guide offers everything needed to recruit and hire a student intern as your "Book Marketing Assistant" in 12 concise chapters including.

Structured Book Marketing and PR Plan
The book marketing and PR plan include: Comprehensive Resource Guide
This comprehensive and well-organized resource guide is your student intern's portal to the Internet and provides links to the following: The resource guide alone is worth the price of the entire Book Marketing 3.0 Intern on Demand system. Instead of wasting countless hours researching where to market your book, your intern will be spending her time marketing your book and branding you as an expert.

Student Intern Training Program
One of the major complaints from student interns is that the organizations they work for do not provide enough direction or training. To address this, the Book Marketing 3.0 Intern on Demand program includes a comprehensive training program designed for maximum productivity. By combining both video and "how to" tutorials, the student intern can quickly learn the necessary skills through hands-on practical application. The coursework includes:

Internet Marketing Social Bookmarking Social Networking Local PR Techniques Author Special
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