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You need to follow four steps to market your book: PLAN, BRAND, PROMOTE, AND SELL!


Solid book marketing and PR plan



Quality content to gain credibility



Hire a publicist or do it yourself



Drive traffic and convert into customers


Book Marketing 3.0 - Unleash Your Book's Maximum Potential

This program is designed to help you PLAN, BRAND, PROMOTE, AND SELL your book! is pleased to announce Book Marketing 3.0, a bundle of four new products and services that are developed to help you establish the online presence required to brand you as an expert. provides the tools, as well as the support, to ensure that you receive the most value for your investment. offers a comprehensive book marketing plan, as well as a turn key system that walks you through hiring a competent student intern as your book marketing assistant. The Book Marketing 3.0 system also drives traffic to your book's Website, while the Video Marketing Rep can help turn your visitors into customers! With this unique approach and dedicated support you can launch an effective online book marketing and PR campaign without breaking the bank or having to do all the work yourself.


"This program is golden and I am incredibly impressed".

The resource guide alone is amazing and the intern hiring and training process is a huge winner. I can't believe nobody thought of this sooner! There is a ton of value here and I look forward to referring my clients and readers to you!

-Stephanie Chandler, author of LEAP!
101 Ways to Grow Your Business, From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur and
The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform


Book Marketing 3.0 Products and Services

1)  The Book Marketing 3.0 Intern On Demand Program
This exciting new program is designed to help you hire and train a college intern to become your book marketing assistant. They receive college credit while you gain a free dedicated resource to market your book - a true win-win scenario! The Intern On Demand Book Marketing Program includes a comprehensive book marketing plan and a step-by-step student intern training and resource guides. Click here to learn more….

2)  The Book Marketing 3.0 Traffic Generation Service
This service is designed to drive targeted traffic to your book’s Website on a consistent basis. One-way back links to your book’s Website are critical for getting your site indexed and found in the search engines. This one time investment generates targeted traffic to your site for years to come. Click here to read more about this remarkable service…

3)  The Book Marketing 3.0 Video Marketing Rep
This affordable onsite video solution will captivate your Website visitors and encourage them to buy your book on Amazon or another online bookstore. Imagine converting your traffic into customers through this interactive visitor experience and effective call to action. Click here to demo the Video Marketing Rep on your own book’s Website!

4}  The Book Marketing 3.0 Toolbar
This easy to install toolbar displays at the top of your Web browser and provides you and your intern quick access to PR research tools, book review Websites, Internet radio talk shows, Web 2.0 sites and much more. Click here to view a demo and receive this valuable tool for FREE

John Rizzo

"The program is a home run for authors! I was fortunate to beta test it and offer my highest recommendation. The toolbar makes navigating online easy for authors of all savvy. Approaching and training a motivated student as a marketing assistant is demystified. I don't need to write a word about the technology from because it is literally speaking for itself. I look forward to sharing with customers and authors around the globe!"

-John Rizzo has been a publishing consultant with BookSurge, a brand of On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of, Inc, since 2007.

He launched his own PR firm and career from the experience of his college internship.

"V. Michael Santoro has firmly established himself as a new technology marketing expert in publishing. I’m an enthusiastic student of both his Authorpreneur and Book Marketing 3.0 courses. Mr. Santoro’s focus these past five years has been devising unique self-help programs to enable first time and veteran authors to become proactive in the promotion of their books.

His programs place an emphasis on Internet marketing and social networking. In my experience, both as an author and intellectual property attorney well versed in IT trends, this is not only the future of marketing, it is the present reality. As most veteran authors know, there are far more unscrupulous opportunists in this arena than there are genuine voices of authority.

Mr. Santoro is the latter. His product offerings are all substance and no hype. A man of integrity and sincere commitment to helping fellow authors, I have found his course and reference material deliver above and beyond their representations.

In short, you get much more than you pay for. Implementing his techniques, I was able to generate interest in my novel Virtual Vice that yielded 33,000+ downloads of the audio book in a six month period. What distinguishes Mr. Santoro from the competition is his provenance and passion. Unlike most marketers, Michael has spent his entire adult career as a technologist, including a stint as a computer science college adjunct professor. As important, he is an author himself, so is attuned to shifting marketing dynamics and realities.

His sincerity in wanting to help fellow authors reach their demographic, broaden exposure and increase sales in a realistic and cost effective manner is evidenced throughout his new Book Marketing 3.0 training course. I unreservedly endorse the program."

Jason M. Kays, Author of Virtual Vice


An Amazing Offer

These affordable products and services can be purchased individually, or for greater value, you can enjoy an attractive discount by purchasing The Book Marketing 3.0 bundle. Click on the Buy Now Button to see our affordable prices. You will also receive four special bonuses while they are still available:

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Bonus #1 (A $27 Value)
How to create a professional presentation that generates book sales
You want to be viewed as professional during your book signings and events.
This bonus will assist you in creating a powerful presentation that will brand you as an expert, while increasing your book sales.

Bonus #2 (A $17 Value)
How to use audio conferencing and Web seminars to brand yourself as an expert
Offering free virtual seminars help you develop a following and build trust because it provides your audience the opportunity to get to know you. This bonus demonstrates how to successfully conduct effective audio conferencing and Webinars.

Bonus #3 (A $17 Value)
How to effectively use testimonials to increase your credibility
Testimonials are proof to your Website visitors that you are a legitimate business. This bonus provides the most effective techniques to garner and use testimonials.

Bonus #4
Samples of professionally developed book marketing material
Use these book marketing samples as a model to create your own powerful media kit:  media release, sell sheet, PR campaign snapshot, Weekly PR Report, media questions, book signing checklist and a reading sample are included.

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